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Instagram Scraping for Data

October 04, 2017 writen by Justin Chaschowy

I'm managing an Instagram account for a Vaporizer shop client. The account will have frequent updates and so I need to find a lot of GOOD content.

Getting the creators

So I want usernames of people who are posting content in the relevant tags related to vaporizers. I want to find who the good content creators are. I also want to find creative ideas for pictures.

To get this data I made a script that does hashtag searches and grabs usernames.

Sorting through the data

So you get a lot of usernames when you do this type of thing. And it would be a lot of work to look through them individually, wait for the page to load, etc.

So I made another script that downloads the latest 4 images from the users profile and combines them into a small collage. Now I can get an idea of what each accounts uploads look like, based on their 4 latest images.

I can quickly figure out the accounts I want to follow.

It's also easy to bundle all the images into an archive, send it to my client and let him choose what accounts and content resonate with him the most.

Here's some examples

Gallery browsing

Here's how quickly I can browse through them, also you'll see that I used the username of the account for the filename of the collage. Making it easy to keep track of which accounts I like most.

Not bad for an hour of work

890 images in just an hour of scraping...

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