Customer Retention Roundup - September
Customer Retention
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Customer Retention Roundup - September

September 11, 2017 writen by Justin Chaschowy

Here's a list of articles related to customer retention from around the web.

Pick Something

Focus on one or two of the mountain of techniques and ideas described in these articles. Pick something you can work on and achieve this month.

Interested in following some marketing personalities focused on customer retention? 10 Customer Retention Influencers You Should Be Following | Post Funnel

Here’s your virtual pat on the back for focusing on customer retention. You’re in the minority, my marketing friend. Most brands are still focusing more on acquisitions despite the fact that it costs…

CRM-Techniques and Strategies for Customer Retention

The business scenario is in constant evolution with the empowered customer accessing unlimited information through the media and internet. The digital revolution has marked a shift in power from the …

How to hone your customer experience

This a 3-part series about improving customer satisfaction. Last week, we started with how to boost customer value. Today, let’s see why it’s equally important to hone your customer experience to del…

A Simple Approach to Predicting Customer Churn

A common problem across businesses in many industries is that of customer churn. Businesses often have to invest substantial amounts attracting new clients, so every time a client leaves it represent…

The 4 Keys To Boosting Your Customer Retention

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve felt like we were “taking two steps forward and one step back.” That’s exactly what’s happening when you work hard to optimize your advertising and marketing …

6 Super-Psychological Triggers to Use for Maximum Customer Retention | Post Funnel

Retention is the lifeblood of successful, long-standing business. Churn and burn sales and marketing tactics in today’s world of choice, simply don’t nurture sustainable growth; you must aim for cust…

7 customer retention marketing strategies to look at

Most marketers know that investing in customer retention pays off. After all, there’s no shortage of research on the subject, and credible organizations like Harvard Business Review, Bain and Company…

Winning back clients is just as profitable as retaining new ones CRM Tactics To Win Back Clients - CodeSWAT Retention, not Acquisition, is key to customer success - EventerHub 11 SaaS retention techniques nobody is talking about How to Crush Customer Retention & Upselling with JV Crum III 5 Ways to Improve Customer Retention With Social Media 10 Customer Retention Strategies That Supercharge Your Marketing Branded giveaways drive customer retention What your business can learn from coffee and cake

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